Course Overview

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In today’s world, with all the knowledge, tools and people available, we have the incredible opportunity to learn just about anything we want to.  Being able to effectively use online resources for learning has become an essential skill for personal and professional growth.  Through an interactive, problem-based approach, this course will empower students to leverage the abundance of online resources in order to drive their own learning.

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Jon Pennington

Instructional Specialist


Course Syllabus

   2 weeks per module

   45 hours per module


   High school students


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This course provides a structured, problem-centered approach to learning. It prompts learners to apply a solution to a whole problem early on.  In each module, an initial demonstration provides a real-world context and shows the how the solution can be applied.  This forms the objective for the module.

  Learning Events

  Main Outcomes

 Demonstration of Process
 Recall Steps and Sequence
 Critique of Process
 Application of Process

The primary goal of the course is to help high-school students to drive their own learning by applying three fundamental processes:

 Curating content
 Creating a learning pathway
 Cultivating guidance and feedback


Each module centers on a particular problem and a solution to that problem. Component skills needed to apply the solution are identified.  To develop these skills, students must solve multiple instances of the problem, each in a different context.  Each succeeding problem is more complex than the prior one.